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The ExoTi™ 50: Never Compromise Again!

The ExoTi™ 50: Never Compromise Again!

It’s finally here!!! For those who know what we’re talking about, REJOICE! For those who don’t, read on…

For years backpackers have had to choose between two styles of framed backpacks for their trips—internal or external frame. The Vargo ExoTi™ 50 bridges the gap between the two types by combining a full size internal-style bag and compression system on a torso sized titanium external frame. In doing so, the ExoTi™ 50 offers the stability and pack-ability of an internal frame with the weight transfer and support of an external frame in a lightweight, streamlined design.

ExoTi™ 50 Multi-View

A backpack has one main function: to carry gear comfortably. If a backpack doesn’t do this, it usually gets tossed. Next to fit (fit is critical!) and some padding, support is what determines a pack’s ultimate comfort level. Support is simply a pack’s ability to transfer the weight of a load off the smaller muscles of the shoulders and onto the stronger muscles of the glutes and legs while not crumbling under the weight of a load. A pack can fit perfectly and have all the padding in the world, but if it can’t transfer the weight off your shoulders and onto your glutes and legs, it’s not going to be comfortable over the long haul, even with ultralight loads.

Backpack Weight vs. Support (ExoTi™ 50)

Our incredibly scientific graph plotting pack weight vs. support and just where the ExoTi™ 50 stands in relation to those two factors. In case it doesn’t make sense it offers more support for less weight than most internals and external backpacks: )

Traditionally external framed backpacks offered better weight transfer, load carrying ability, and ventilation but were heavier, bulkier, and more difficult to use and adjust (like strapping a coffin to your back). Internal framed backpacks sought to better externals by being lighter, “sexier”, more stable, and easier to use and adjust but at the cost of having less load carrying ability, efficient weight transfer, and ventilation (prima donnas!). Through the years, new models in both camps tried to maintain their strengths and minimize their weaknesses by adopting the benefits of the other. However, neither style has successfully done so—until now. In creating the ExoTi™ 50 we knew we had to cross the dividing line between internals and externals if we were to create a great pack.

Using a lightweight titanium alloy external frame, the ExoTi™ 50 offers unparalleled support for minimal weight. Additionally its welded titanium lumbar support plate efficiently transfers weight down the frame directly to the lower back, instead of around the hips like standard packs, for a more comfortable, sag-free carry. Its full size 50 liter cinch top bag easily swallows a weekend’s worth of gear (or a week of ultralight thru-hiking) while the removable lid, hip belt pockets, and dual water bottle pockets keep essential gear and snacks easily accessible. The X-shaped load lifting compression strap system keeps the load high and tight for an optimal and stable carry. With an adjustable shoulder harness that fits torso sizes from 16-22”, the ExoTi™ 50 is sure to please backpackers of all shapes and sizes.

Exo-Ti 50 Close Ups

Close ups of the Load Lifting Compression Strap System and the integral Lumbar Support Plate. Together they help keep loads high and tight on the back and transfer that weight down efficiently to the hips and legs.


In short, it looks, acts, and packs like an internal but has the superior carry of an external. So if you’re in the market for a new go-to backpack for your backcountry adventures that offers superior comfort and carrying ability, the ExoTi™ 50 delivers with the best of internal and external frames in a lightweight, innovative backpack. Never compromise again!

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Vargo ExoTi™ 50 Backpack – MSRP $299.95


• Ultralight titanium alloy external frame for excellent load transfer and carry
• Ergonomic lumbar support plate efficiently directs weight to your hips for increased comfort
• Full size 50 liter cinch top bag holds enough gear for multi-day trips
• Removable floating lid to help save ounces when they count
• Ventilated, adjustable shoulder harness reduces back sweat and fits torso lengths 16-22″ (40-55 cm)
• Load lifting compression strap system keeps loads high and tight to your back for more stable carry
• Two zippered hip belt pockets keep essentials close at hand
• Dual water bottle pockets
• Hydration bladder compatible
• Packs small and flat for travel


• Torso lengths: 16-22 inches (40-55 cm)
• Pack volume: 3,051 cubic inches (50 L)
• Pack length: 24.375 inches (61.9 cm)
• Pack width: 13.875 inches (35.2 cm)
• Weight: 2 lbs. 11 oz (1.21 kg)