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What You Need To Know About Titanium Infused Apparel

What You Need To Know About Titanium Infused Apparel

Whether you’re going for an easy day hike or plan on exploring the backcountry for weeks on end, you need to dress the part. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “clothes make the adventurer”. So if you’re planning on spending any time breaking a sweat and getting dirty outside, there are a few things that you should know.

Not all clothes are created equal. In other words, a shirt that’s great for a day in the park probably can’t hold it’s own on the trails. Cotton, for instance, may feel light and breezy but it’s lousy at wicking moisture and can cause serious chafing.

Staying clean is clutch. If you’re planning on spending more than a few hours on your excursion, you’ll want to avoid letting layers of dirt, grime, and oil accumulate on your clothing. Not only do you feel better, you can get multiple wears out of each piece, making it easier to pack light.

Fresh is best. Any hiker, biker, or outdoor enthusiast can attest to one of the most unpleasant effects of working up a good sweat. Odor, the inevitable byproduct of being active, can put a real damper on your mood and the general vibe of your trip. By wearing clothing that minimizes odor, you’ll be doing yourself, and your co-adventurers, a real favor.

Protection matters. The sun’s warm rays are a surefire way to lift your mood and encourage you to get outside and enjoy the day. They’re also a guaranteed sunburn if you aren’t protected. While a good, sweatproof sunscreen is essential, it’s important to make sure that your clothes are pulling their weight as well.

Titanium, Meet Fabric

Meshing metal with fabric? If you’re talking about titanium, there’s no better pairing. Titanium, the low-density, impossibly strong metal, lends itself to a wide range of products that benefit from its lightness, strength, and ability to shapeshift into tons of practical applications.

Enter TiFusion, a nontoxic mineral solution that reacts with light to create some incredible properties. Curious as to how it works? We’ll break it down.

  • TiFusion loves light. Natural or artificial, it doesn’t judge. Once exposed, TiFusion begins to naturally attract water molecules that push other molecules off the fabric. The result? Self-cleaning apparel that’s working as hard as you are.
  • Just as it does with dirt and oil, TiFusion repels water. It does this by preventing it from beading and forcing it to sheet off and dissipate. Not only does this sound incredibly cool, it means a 25% faster drying time.
  • Another way that TiFusion and light work wonderfully together is by serving as a stellar type of odor defense. Together, they break down odor-causing agents on the fabric into nonvolatile compounds that effectively make stink vanish.
  • Despite the fact that TiFusion and sunshine are perfect partners, it actually helps block up to 97% of UV rays which not only help keep you safe from harmful UV damage but protect the fabric as well.

That you’re avoiding toxins, poisons, and dangerous heavy metals

  • That the main components of TiFusion are considered safe by the EPA and are commonly used in foods and sunscreens
  • That TiFusion helps eliminate common air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur
  • How To Wear It

    Despite all of the fancy technology that goes into making the proven benefits of TiFusion so great, it’s incredibly easy to wear. Simply pick your favorite piece and put it on.

    Ti Fusion is the star of several styles of outdoor and athletic apparel, making it the perfect companion for your next adventure. From long-sleeved layering pieces for cool nights and unpredictable climates to lightweight tees that can take the heat, there’s something for every person and every activity.

    Some of the other key benefits of TiFusion apparel include:

    • Trim fit to avoid unnecessary bulk
    • Flatlock stitching to keep chafing at bay
    • Reflective printing to help keep you safe in low-light situations

    How To Care For It

    When you’re out taking advantage of nature’s playgrounds, the last thing you should have to worry about is caring for your clothes. Luckily, TiFusion is as easy to care for as it is to wear.

    For day trips and shorter excursions (or any situation where you have access to a washing machine) simply treat your TiFusion as you would any other piece of polyester performance gear.

    Step 1: Throw into the washing machine, add detergent, set on a cold cycle.

    Step 2: Hang to dry. Thanks to its water-repelling abilities, it won’t take long to dry. Like, don’t get too comfortable because it’ll be ready before you know it.

    Step 3: Get dressed, go outside, and explore.

    Step 4: Repeat.

    If you’re camping, on a road trip, or just don’t have a washing machine available, not to worry. Your TiFusion gear washes wonderfully by hand. A quick soak with a bit of detergent, a rinse, and a brief air-drying session will leave your gear fresh and ready to take on whatever you have planned next.

    Thanks to TiFusion’s combination of water-repelling and odor-preventing properties, you can rest assured that your gear will travel well. No more damp, mildew-ridden surprises at the bottom of your backpack. Just light, packable, and incredibly comfortable performance apparel that can keep up with you every step of the way.

    Here’s to a comfortable, dry, and odor-free adventure! Happy trails!