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Applying Ultralight Principles to Your Wallet

Applying Ultralight Principles to Your Wallet

The George Costanza wallet – Anti-Ultralight
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How many of us have been carrying too much for too long?  Of course we’ve all been there!  That’s why most of us have turned to ultralight backpacking and its principles to reduce pack weight, hike farther, do more, and be happier with less impact on our bodies, bank accounts, and the Earth.  So why not apply the same principles to other areas of your life?  Ultralight bowling anyone?

We couldn’t help but think of our dear friend, George Costanza, and his anti-ultralight wallet for which he is so well known, when we were pondering how to apply ultralight principles to more than just our backpacking adventures.  For us, ultralight is a way of life that we seek to incorporate into every area of our lives–from our backpacks to our back pockets–so not even our wallets passed scrutiny.  We needed to apply ultralight principles to lighten up our wallets and back sides.  After suffering through many broken and ineffective paperclips, rubber bands, and cheesy 80’s workout videos, we decided to do something about it.

Enter the Vargo Titanium Money Clip.

Why a money clip you ask?  For many simple reasons: its smaller, lighter, and more durable than a wallet and forces you to consider “What do I really need to carry?”.  And since titanium gear is what we do, titanium was the ideal material to construct it from.  Besides its ridiculously low weight and incredible strength, titanium is also extremely elastic so it can still tightly hold a single bill after holding a fat wad of cash (something our previous paperclip money clips couldn’t boast).  Also being non-magnetic it won’t mess with credit card and ID card magnetic strips (again, something our paperclip money clips couldn’t do).  Oh, yeah…and it doesn’t hurt that the Titanium Money Clip looks classy enough to use off the trail as well!  Best part is we can help you upgrade your wallet without emptying it–the non-ultralight way, that is.  And for $19.95, it makes a great gift for anyone at anytime, too.

So if you’re carrying too much back there…it’s time to ultralighten up!


Vargo Titanium Money Clip


  • 100% titanium construction
  • Weight:  0.3 ounces (7 grams)
  • Length:  2.0 inches (51 mm)
  • Width:  0.75 inches (19 mm)
  • Height:  0.25 inches (6 mm)
  • MSRP $19.95