Collection: Titanium Tent Stakes

Vargo Outdoors' Titanium Tent Stakes combine ultralight design with rugged durability, ideal for backpackers on adventurous journeys. These top-tier, lightweight stakes minimize pack weight while providing secure anchoring.





What Can I Use as Tent Stakes?

There are a lot of options regarding what to use as tent stakes. However, we recommend a classic shepherd's hook design for three season backpacking as the lightest, most versatile all-around practical design to keep your tent securely anchored and upright.

How Do I Choose a Tent Stake?

When looking for the proper tent stake for your trips, you need to consider the terrain and environment you are going to camp in. This can affect the style and length of the stake you need. The larger the surface area of your tent, the larger stakes you need to secure it, as a more significant tent size makes for an easier target for wind, rain, and wild creatures lurking about.

Do I Have to Stake My Tent?

You may not always NEED to use tent stakes, especially in mild weather. However, tent stakes are crucial for overnight camping trips, ensuring the tent remains secure in case of unexpected weather changes.

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