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Backpacking Stoves

Backpacking Stoves


How important is food to you while you are on a backpacking trip? We take pride in our innovative line of backpacking stoves. The backpacking stoves by Vargo boast the utmost functionality and design features to make any backpacker happy on the trail. 

A backpacking stove is something every long-distance hiker has in their pack, so why not make it ultralight and durable to ease the pain of carrying heavy gear. Our backpacking stoves are the solution. 

Their line of backpacking stoves includes the following:

Triad Alcohol Stove

The Triad is the lightest alcohol stove we make. This stove weighs in at 1 ounce. It is also the most compact and made of a solid one-piece construction.

Triad XE Multi-fuel Stove

The XE Multi-fuel stove is similar in look to the Triad, however it functions differently and is specifically designed to work as an alcohol, fuel tab, or fuel gel stove. As alcohol can be difficult to light in cold temperatures or high elevation, we recommend this stove for four-season cooking. 

Decagon Alcohol Stove

This is our most durable stove and is designed for those who tend to be touch on their gear. This stove has a one-piece construction and there is no moving parts to break or loose. The Decagon must be primed before placing your pot on top (otherwise you will extinguish the priming flame).

Hexagon Wood Stove

This is our best selling backpacking stove. It is light and burns renewable biomass fuel that can be found anywhere and at anytime. It comes in your choice of titanium or stainless steel. 

Fire Box Grill

The Firebox Grill is perfect for grilling in the backcountry. It has a lightweight design that folds flat when not in use so it is very easy to pack. The grill also comes in the titanium and stainless steel options.

All of our backpacking stoves boast an innovative Vargo design and are made of top-grade titanium.  All come with a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee against any product defect.