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Customize Your Para-Bottle™!

Customize Your Para-Bottle™!


Now that you’re the proud new owner of a new Para-Bottle™, we’ve found some ways for you to customize the paracord carry loop to make it unique to you. Why might you want to learn how to customize the paracord carry loop? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Once you untie the paracord from the carry loop, you gotta find a way to put it back on.
  2. You’re a paracord guru who just has to show off your mad skills (props!).
  3. You may want more than 7 feet of paracord, so you can add longer lengths as desired.
  4. You may want or need a faster way to untie the paracord for use (we’re looking at you, MacGyver).
  5. You’re surrounded by other Para-Bottle™ users and you need a way to differentiate yours from theirs (stickers are sooo old school).

Okay, so pick your reason and check out these video tutorials below to see how to customize your Para-Bottle™.

How to Untie the Para-Bottle™ Carry Loop

How to untie the paracord weave.

To untie the carry loop, simply find the paracord ends, push in with your thumb to undo them, then start untying the weave. Finish by undoing the Larks Head knot on the cap.

Traditional Cobra Braid

This is probably the most common type of paracord braid that you see on those numerous paracord bracelets and it’s the one that we used for the Para-Bottle™. Use this if you simply want to replace the paracord after you use it or to change the color style and length of your Para-Bottle™ carry loop. Instead of attaching the ends to a buckle your attachment points will be the metal loops on the lid and bottle. Keep the lines tight and consistent distance from each other the whole time. Enjoy the blues rock music.

Easy Fishtail Braid

Another video from the paracord guru, Todd Mikkelsen, at Paracord 101 on YouTube, this is an easier flat weave that will look really nice on your Para-Bottle™. Again, instead of wrapping around buckles (like for a bracelet), you’ll be looping through the loops on the lid and bottle. Keep the strands nice and taut for a tight weave.

Blaze Bar: Quick Deploy Braid

Most paracord braids, including the ones above, look great but are tedious and time consuming to undo. If seconds count, try this braid which comes undone with a simple pull. This one might be trickier to visualize with the Para-Bottle™ but start the braid with the bottle part at the top and loop the bottom part of the braid through the loop on the lid. Leave enough extra paracord at the end to wrap around the lid when finishing it off with the slip knots.

Non-braided Quick Deploy

The simplest method on the list, requires only some simple looping and wrapping making it also very easy to untie (unless you melt the ends like this guy does). Instead of starting this method by looping it around your hand, run the loops through the lid and bottle of the Para-Bottle™, the start wrapping the loops away from and heading towards the tail end of the paracord (i.e. where you stopped making the loops through the bottle and lid). Easy, peasy.

Other Ways to Customize!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to colors, combinations, hardware, etc. so be sure to check out some other options. Can’t go wrong with starting here. logo




And be sure to tag us (@vargooutdoors) in your photos in your photos online so that we can see your awesome customizations!

For more tutorials, checkout Paracord 101 on YouTube.

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