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Screwing Around with the BOT – Unsticking a Stuck Lid

Screwing Around with the BOT – Unsticking a Stuck Lid

We have gotten word from some of our friends out west that they’re having trouble getting the lid off of their new BOTs. After some digging around we discovered that the issue was happening at higher elevations or when going through major elevation changes which was creating unequal pressure inside their BOTs. Unequal pressure paired with the BOT’s already tight fitting lid made it so impossible to unscrew that not even a professional bullrider could get it unstuck (it’s true…someone tried it!).

Luckily, it’s a quick fix to get that lid unstuck. Here’s how:

1. Grab your BOT in one hand and a thin, sturdy tool of some sort such as a credit card, key, or flat head screwdriver in your other. We used a drivers license for this demonstration.

BOT fix

Breaking the pressure seal on the BOT’s lid

2. Without damaging the O-ring, carefully wedge your tool between the top lip of the BOT and the O-ring. Pry up on the O-ring (as seen in the picture). You should hear a small hiss as the pressure equalizes inside the BOT. Ahhhh…

3. Unscrew your lid and enjoy as before!

And last BOT not least (see what we did there?), continue to let us know your questions, thoughts, comments, and concerns or just generally how we’re doing. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our latest BOT and other product reviews under “What Others Are Saying” on our blog!