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Updating a Classic: The New Triad Multi-Fuel Stove (and Other Stove Updates!)

Updating a Classic: The New Triad Multi-Fuel Stove (and Other Stove Updates!)

The New Triad Multi-Fuel Stove. TOP ROW: (top) larger filling hole, (bottom) indentation for fuel tab/gel BOTTOM ROW: use with alcohol (left), fuel tab (middle), fuel gel (right)

After 14 years, 10s of 1000s sold, and a dedicated legion of users the world over, we decided it was time for a change. But how do we improve a classic? Simple. We listened. You’ve either told us or shown us what you wanted in a new Triad. We promise this updated version won’t disappoint.

What’s new?

With the previous design, alcohol was poured into the stove through a small hole in the center of the well. Fueling…well…took a while. The small size of the hole was necessary to help the Triad pressurize during priming and maintain that pressure after it bloomed. If that hole was any larger, the Triad wouldn’t pressurize effectively leading to an inefficient and ineffective burn.

Borrowing from the design of the Decagon and Converter Stove, we enlarged the size of the filling hole without affecting its ability to build or maintain pressure during burning. Now with an over 450% larger filling hole, fueling the Triad is much quicker and easier.

New Triad vs. Old Triad - filling hole comparison

New Triad vs. Old Triad – 460% increase in filling hole size

Almost since its genesis, Triad users wanted the ability to burn fuel tabs as a back up or additional fuel source option. Most simply turned the Triad upside down and used the flat bottom of the stove as a makeshift fuel tab burner. However clever, due to the flatness of the bottom of the stove, if the stove was uneven in the least bit, the fuel tab would slide off the stove during cooking. To offer a safer option, we created the Triad XE which could safely contain a burning fuel tab (and later fuel gels) while also burning alcohol via the alcohol burner insert. The two piece Triad XE served its purposes well, though it wasn’t as simple as we wanted it to be.

The updated Triad now has an indented bottom that can safely contain fuel tabs and gels. To use, simply flip the Triad upside down, anchor the legs into the ground, add your fuel tab or gel, and light to start cooking!

New Triad vs. Old Triad - multi-fuel capability

New Triad vs. Old Triad – Added indentation for multi-fuel capability (fuel tabs and gels)

And the best part? Even with the updates the Triad still weighs a scant ounce. Win-win-win!

Why the change?

Easy. We wanted to increase the Triad’s versatility and ease of use to help our customers lighten their loads and simplify their adventures, without compromise, so that they can focus on the real reason they’re in nature.

How to use it?


The Triad Multi-Fuel Stove – $34.95


  • Solid titanium construction for extra durability
  • Multi-fuel capability for added versatility
  • All-season, all-terrain usability
  • Folding legs and pot supports
  • Simple to use
  • Ultra compact
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Reliable all-season performance
  • Enlarged filling hole for faster fueling
  • Easy to reclaim unused fuel
  • Boils 16 oz/0.5 L in 5-6 mins (alcohol) or 7-8 mins (fuel tabs or gels)


  • Weight: 1.0 ounce (30 grams)
  • Diameter closed: 2.9 inches (76 mm)
  • Diameter open: 3.5 inches (89 mm)
  • Height collapsed: 1.2 inches (30 mm)
  • Fuel capacity (alcohol): 1.5 ounces (44 ml)
  • Burn time: ~20 mins (alcohol), ~12 mins (fuel tabs), various (fuel gels)


Other stove updates:


Triad XE

Due to the Triad’s new features and simpler design, we’ll be discontinuing the Triad XE to drop our total number of alcohol stoves from 4 down to 3. We’ll continue to sell them until we run out. And when we run out, it’s sayonara!



Thanks to an improvement in our manufacturing process the Decagon now has cleaner more consistent welds and holes and an overall more polished appearance with the same great performance.

Vargo Decagon Alcohol Stove

Converter Stove

We’ve reduced the size of the burner and stand for less weight and increased performance. Now with faster bloom times and less capacity for fuel efficiency.

Vargo Converter Stove converter-stove-bottom

Converter Stove Inside Hexagon Wood Stove