"Titanium Flint Lighter" Newest Addition to Vargo Catalog

Lewisburg, PA (August 18, 2012) - In its effort to improve and simplify outdoor gear, Vargo has taken a different approach to traditional stove lighters with its newly released Titanium Flint Lighter.  The Titanium Flint Lighter is a durable, reliable, and lightweight stove lighter that easily produces a dependable spark in even adverse conditions.

"I love how easy it is to use and the mess of sparks it throws out," said one tester. "It was surprising to see that it even worked after getting wet." 

Designed to replace matches, lighters, and even other flint-based firestarters to light liquid and gas fueled stoves, the Titanium Flint Lighter features include: 

  • titanium construction providing incredible strength at the lowest weight possible; 
  • removeable side panel allowing for simple flint replacement; 
  • handy built-in clip to safely and conveniently attach to key chains, zipper pulls, backpack straps, lanyards, etc.;
  • durable assembly to provide 1,000s of lights; 
  • reliable striking mechanism giving a dependable spark in any weather even after being drenched by water; and
  • easy one-hand operation. No need for an additional edge tool or striking surface to create sparks and no flame to burn hands or fingers.

Addtional advantages over other stove lighters include:

  • reduced costs. Replacement flints are cheaper and last longer than lighters and matches;
  • reduces landfill and backcountry waste without anything to dispose of or pack out;
  • weighs less than most traditional stove lighters; and
  • is naturally waterproof and corrosion resistant.

Because of its features, the Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter is an easy-to-use stove lighter that is always in reach and dependable enough to meet the stove lighting needs of outdoor people everywhere. 

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter - $19.95

Length: 2.5 inches (63 mm)
Weight: 0.3 ounces (9.2 grams)

For more information, including purchasing and a demonstration video, please visit Titanium-Flint-Lighter.

About Vargo Outdoors:

Vargo has been an innovator in designing and manufacturing backpacking gear since 2002.  Primarily using titanium, an ultralight yet ultra-strong material, Vargo has developed a unique line of products that reflect our commitment to improve and simplify outdoor gear design and utility.  Vargo brand gear has distribution at specialty retail stores throughout the US and abroad.