Lightweight. Dependable. Innovative.

Since 2003, Vargo has brought you some of the lightest, most dependable, and innovative outdoor products.  What began with titanium tent stakes soon morphed into titanium stoves, pots, mugs, campware, tools, water bottles, and more.  Yet behind every product has been our passion to innovate and create the best ultralight outdoor gear.

Minimal Weight

We know what it’s like to carry heavy packs.  Believe us, we have the scars.  So we decided to lighten our load and to help you do the same.

Whether you’re thru-hiking or weekend trekking, heavy packs are a burden.  Lighter loads provide for safer, more comfortable and enjoyable trips so you can go farther, see more, and reap bigger rewards from your excursions.

That’s the philosophy we bring to every piece of gear we make: do more with less.  We want you to get the most out of the outdoors because that is what we want, too.  So whether you’re a traditionalist or minimalist in your approach, Vargo will fit in your pack.

Titanium Construction

Vargo is titanium.  It’s what we do best. 

High grade titanium is the base for most of our products providing them with an unparalleled strength to weight ratio compared to any other metal.  It’s as strong as steel, twice as strong as aluminum, corrosion-resistant, biocompatible, flexible, and extremely light. 

Because we pair these special metallurgical  properties with our unique designs, we are able to offer some of the lightest weight outdoor gear on the market that will last a lifetime.


Hands down, we love innovating.  With our “simple is good, good is simple” attitude, we strive to design simple, innovative gear that works and is worth the investment. 

We see titanium and want to use it in ways that it’s never been used before.  We see current products and want to make them better and lighter.  We dream of gear that we want and then we make that dream a reality.  All in all, we take a quality material and match it with quality designs to create a quality product which sometimes makes us a company of firsts. 

...and call us selfish but we make gear we want to use ourselves.

A Company of Firsts

Sometimes we saw a product and made it better.  Sometimes we didn’t see a product and simply made it.  Either way, we believe we’ve pioneered the following:

1st titanium alcohol stove - the Triad.

1st to use a strainer-type lid on our cookware - See Pots and Mugs.

1st to make colored titanium sporks - original and ultralight titanium sporks.

1st to create a true water bottle/cooking pot hybrid - the BOT.

1st titanium wood stove - the Hexagon Wood Stove.