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The Ultimate Backcountry Water Bottle

We set out to build a better water bottle--one that's completely biocompatible, won't leach or corrode, works with common water filters, and offers multifunction versatility. The patent pending Titanium Para-Bottle™ features 7 feet of integrated replaceable 550 paracord, individually machined geometric shaped lid, and pure titanium construction. Your search for the ultimate water bottle ends here!  


  • Pure grade titanium construction
  • Completely biocompatible
  • Food grade silicone o-ring
  • Individually machined geometric shaped lid
  • 7 foot customizable paracord carry loop
  • Fits most standard backcountry water filters and accessories
  • Narrow profile for better fit in hands and water bottle pockets

Patent Pending 29/542,229 


  • Capacity: 34 oz/1 liter
  • Weight: 9.8 oz/280 grams
  • Height: 8.5 inches/216 mm
  • Diameter: 3.3 inches/84 mm

Note: We recommend handwashing this product only.

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Customer Reviews

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Great bottle. But I do wish it was made in the USA


Great bottle. I been using it for the past few weeks. First time filling, after hand washing, it did leak a little, but I spent a moment working the lid and it has sealed fine ever since. It’s a beautiful piece, but I do wish it was made in the US. Reducing my water/plastic exposure led me to the lightweight titanium. Very happy with the product


Bought this with the intention that it would be a hard use “ultimate backcountry bottle” and received the polar opposite. The cap is awesome and i love the idea of having a titanium sturdy bottle, but this is made of a really thin non durable titanium. I dropped it once and laughed cause of the dent that was left in it. The bottle struggles to stand straight and takes dents way too easy. Maybe using a thicker titanium on the bottom would be smart and i assumed that would’ve already been thought through. If im paying premium price for an “ultimate backcountry bottle” im not going to want to be babying it. If you buy this youll have to baby it to keep it functional. Great bottle for an office job or commuting maybe.


Great product as described but disappointed just like other reviewer that the bottle dimensions are not equivalent to other 1 litre water bottles e.g Nalgene which fit "snugly" in the cups that are made for that purpose.
The Para-Bottle is too loose in the Nalgene size cup and rattles around. Perhaps Vargo could make a suitable titanium nesting mug/cup (750 or 600 ml) or recommend a suitable equivalent. Then it would be perfect.


Great product, absolutely sturdy and always a conversation starter. No leaking, no residual taste, and looks sharp!


Extremely noisy lid. Threading issue, always issue when closing lid., sometimes need to make multiple attempts to close. Extremely conducting, cannot store hot water, need double wall. Titanium is solid, but extremely pricey, expected more.


I should have procured this years ago!!!


It built like a tank and that's why I bought mine! Took it to the gym and will take it on my Bikepacking trip in a month! Love it!


Very well made, and incredibly light.
Vargo are an excellent company to deal with. Thanks, Wes, for all your help.

Additional Info

A water bottle, is a water bottle, is a water bottle, right? Unfortunately, not all bottles are created equal. 

Crafted from pure titanium, our Para-Bottle™ is tougher, stronger, and safer than other water bottles so that the only thing you have to worry about is how much fun is too much fun. And when you find yourself in over your head, unwind the 7 foot paracord carry loop and pull yourself out to safety, improvise fishing line, make a bow drill, splint your broken tent pole, or your leg. It'll be there when you need it most.

We set out to build a better water bottle. This is it.


  • Pure grade titanium construction for strength, durability, and lightweight
  • Completely biocompatible for leach-free, flavor-free, and corrosion-free peace of mind
  • Food grade silicone o-ring seals water in tight
  • Individually machined geometric shaped lid for easier opening, even with gloves or cold fingers
  • 7 foot paracord carry loop can be removed for use or customized with different colors, knot styles, and lengths
  • Wide mouth opening is compatible with common water filters and accessories
  • Narrow profile is easy to grip and fits in most water bottle pockets
  • Patent pending design


  • Capacity: 34 oz/1 liter
  • Weight: 9.8 oz/280 grams
  • Height: 8.5 inches/216 mm
  • Diameter: 3.3 inches/84 mm

Note: Handwash only

Customize Your Para-Bottle™!
Vargo Outdoors

"Now that you’re the proud new owner of a new Para-Bottle™, we’ve found some ways for you to customize the paracord carry loop to make it unique to you."

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