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TITANIUM INFUSED APPAREL. Vargo is titanium. It′s what drives us to constantly research new and innovative ways to harness the power of this amazing material. By utilizing the latest titanium technology, we have infused titanium into outdoor apparel to create clothing with unprecedented qualities. Using light as a catalyst, Vargo TiFusion™ apparel is self-cleaning and quick drying while reducing odors and increasing UV protection. Here′s how it works:

  • Stay CleanTiFusion™ apparel has an affinity for water molecules and, in the presence of light, becomes super hydrophilic. This affinity displaces all other molecules, including oils and dirt, that would otherwise stay attached to the surface. The result is apparel that literally cleans itself.

  • Stay dryUnder normal conditions water has a tendency to be attracted to itself and bead on surfaces. However, TiFusion™ apparel does not allow water to bead but rather spread flat over the surface to increase heat transfer and dry 25% faster than normal garments.

  • Stay FreshIn the presence of light, TiFusion™ apparel electrostatically removes odors causing elements. This process is constantly occurring and will not breakdown or be used up ensuring constant and long lasting odor reduction.

  • Stay SafeTiFusion™ contains no toxins, poisons, dangerous chemicals, or heavy metals. The primary components are considered safe by the EPA and are commonly used in foods and sunscreens. TiFusion™ improves the blockage of harmful UV light and helps eliminate common air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur.