Vargo Titanium BOT Bottle Pot

By AMOS KWON on 7.26.12

Light and compact is the mantra of anyone schlepping gear from a to b on their own two feet. You have to be able to cook, eat and drink without looking like you just raided a Williams-Sonoma store.Vargo’s Titanium BOT Bottle Pot does just that, despite having been named by a less-than-poet-laureate. Made of strong but lightweight Titanium, the 4.7 oz BOT pulls double duty for drinking and cooking. As a canteen, it conveniently fits in a backpack’s standard water bottle pocket and can haul one liter of liquid, soup or an oh-so-luxurious face full of Dinty Moore beef stew. The screw-top can also flip over for cooking, and its pot-lifter friendly design makes it easy to grip. Don’t worry about the O-ring either — it’s purposely built for prolonged exposure to high heat. Too bad we aren’t designed the same way.


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