Dig It. Stake It. Better: The Titanium Dig Dig Tool™


A properly dug cathole.

Okay, we’re coming clean now about our overwhelming bias that there isn’t a better way to dig a cathole than with a trowel, and there’s no better trowel than the titanium Dig Dig Tool™. Here’s why…

As ultralight backpackers ourselves, we understand and live by the ultralight backpacking philosophy and seek to incorporate it into everything we make. It’s truly the better way to enjoy the backcountry with more fun, comfort, and safety.

As a gear maker obsessed with creating lightweight, multi-use products out of titanium, it was only a matter of time until we set our sights on revamping the oft-forgotten, neglected, or eliminated piece of equipment from most gear lists–the humble trowel.

Anatomy of a Proper Cathole

Anatomy of a Proper Cathole

We know what many of you are thinking…”Why would a trowel be worthy of inclusion on an ultralight backpacking trip?!”

Besides being a single-use item and/or not worth the weight, we’ve all been taught to use tent stakes, trekking poles, sticks, or even the heel of our shoes to dig our catholes. OR if we do carry a thin, lightweight metal trowel, we’re willing to put up with the excruciating pain of using that trowel even though it digs into our hands more than the ground it’s supposed to dig.

A proper cathole is dug 6-8″ deep and 4-6″ in diameter. Think your boot heel, tent stake, or trekking pole can dig down that far?

A proper cathole is planned and carefully executed. Yes, pooping in the woods takes thoughtfulness to be done correctly. Here are some general guidelines from our friends at Leave No Trace:

  1. Locate your cathole at least 200 feet (about 70 adult steps) from any water, trails, or campsites. Select an inconspicuous area where other people will be unlikely to walk or camp. Everyone will secretly thank you.
  2. Dig your hole 6-8 inches deep  (3/4 to the full length of a Dig Dig Tool™) and 4-6 inches in diameter (1/2 to 3/4 the length of a Dig Dig Tool™).
    • In a hot desert, human waste does not biodegrade easily because there is little organic soil to help break it down. The cathole should be only 4-6 inches deep to allow the heat and sun to hasten the decay process.
  3. When finished, the cathole should be filled with the original dirt and any toilet paper (biodegradable toilet paper and nothing else or pack it out!) and disguised with native materials.

Who loses out if you don’t dig a proper cathole? Mother Nature and everyone else who follows after you…

In short, to do your duty properly, you need to carry the right tool for the job. Enter the titanium Dig Dig Tool™! Part trowel, part tent stake, yet 100% awesome!

Dig it!

As a trowel, the Dig Dig Tool™ is:

  • Made from strong, lightweight titanium that’s more durable than plastic or aluminum
  • Much better at cutting through tough ground and roots thanks to its serrated, saw-like edges (most trowels can’t do this!)
  • Much more comfortable to use with its rolled edges and hand-fitting handle
  • Designed to work like a real shovel with its ergonomic shape which can be used with two hands for better digging ease and efficiency.

Altogether these features allow users to easily follow Leave No Trace™ principles for burying human waste better and more efficiently than other trowels on the market.

Roots and tough ground don’t stand a chance against the Dig Dig Tool™!

Stake it!

When not digging superior catholes, the Dig Dig Tool™ excels at securing guylines for your shelter because:

  • Its wide U-shape has a greater surface area for holding steadily in hard and soft soils alike.
  • It can be used as a deadman anchor in snow or sand.
  • Its large center hole and boat cleat-style cutouts work with various-sized guylines and ensure they stay tightly in place.

Can You Dig It?

Yes, you can and the Dig Dig Tool™ is the right tool for the job. Elevate your cathole game make sure you pitch your tent perfectly each time by getting your own.



The Dig Dig Tool™ is available now at specialty outdoor stores worldwide and online at www.vargooutdoors.com.

For more information and images, visit: https://vargooutdoors.com/products/dig-dig-tooltm.


Vargo Dig Dig Tool™ – MSRP $24.95


  • Dual use trowel and tent stake saves weight and increases versatility
  • Made from strong, lightweight titanium that’s more durable than plastic or aluminum
  • Ergonomic design for digging ease and efficiency. Works like an actual shovel!
  • Serrated edges cut through the tough ground and roots that other trowels can’t
  • U-shape holds well in all soil types, snow, and sand or use as a deadman anchor
  • Comfortable rolled handle won’t “dig” into your hands


  • Weight: 1.25 ounces (36 g)
  • Length: 8.1 inches (20.5 cm)
  • Width: 1.7 inches (4.4 cm)