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Dig it. Stake it. Better

Make quick work of digging catholes AND securing your shelter with the Titanium Dig Dig Tool™. The Dig Dig Tool's™ ergonomic design is easier and more efficient to use while its rounded handle won't ""dig"" into your hand like other trowels. Its serrated edges slice through tough ground and roots so it can dig where other trowels can't. As a tent stake, its wide U-shape design holds firmly in hard and soft soils alike (even snow or sand!). Made from strong, lightweight titanium, it buries other trowels in the dirt.


  • Dual use trowel and tent stake
  • Made from strong, lightweight titanium
  • Ergonomic design for digging ease and efficiency
  • Serrated edges cut through tough ground and roots
  • U-shape holds well in all soil types, snow, and sand
  • Comfortable rolled handle 


  • Weight: 1.25 ounces (36 g)
  • Length: 8.1 inches (20.5 cm)
  • Width: 1.7 inches (4.4 cm)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Rick Clanton
Not UL, IUL….

Definitely Irreplaceable Ultra Light. I lost my first one, maybe on the trail. If you find it, you’re welcome. So I picked up one of those ethereally light ones… I could never manage to excavate the mandatory 6” deep cat hole due to rocks and roots. I’m expecting a sternly worded letter from the USFS Cat He Inspection Division any day.

Now that I have my replacement, I once more will laugh derisively at rocks and roots as I exercise dominance over the earth (purely from a cat hole digging point of reference and with great respect for Mother Nature).

Sara Fitzroy-Moore

I have not received this order yet. My tracking log states that item left Cameroon in late April. No further information available from my end re delivery into Australia or to my address. Can you please follow up USPS tracking number: LZ640436807US

Great dig tool

Light, solid, and efficient digging tool

As advertised from what I can tell

The only concern I have is that it might bend over time. I would have made a solid handle for it if I were them.

Kay H.
Useful, lightweight; a top product for poop holes

I needed at least one more DIG DIG Tool so I have one in each pack. It's not a good day to need to poop in the woods, and I don't have my Vargo DIG DIG Tool to dig a proper hole. So lightweight! Also, may serve as tent stake. Thank you for a great design!


I have a deuce of spades trowel which is fine for perfect soil conditions but that is rarely the case. The handle and serrated edges on the dig dig allow me too force my way through rooted soil without cutting into my hand. Wish I’d purchased this first..


I dig the way this tool provides functional multi-use options in a single compact ultra light tool. A digger, a scraper, a staker, and much more.


The perfect tool for the job


The 'Dig Dig Tool' is really a very helpful addition to any kind of tour as well as in the basecamp! It can not only be used excellently for the spade, but is also good, e.g. really as a herring substitute - I have had to support our group tarp with it several times and it worked very well! :) It is also great for layering coals or embers in the fire, digging up spruce roots or cutting nettles. It is really very versatile!


This is a replacement for the one I left behind on day 2 of the PCT

Additional Info

Inspired by the Japanese Hori-Hori Knife, our Titanium Dig Dig Tool™ makes quick work of digging catholes or securing your shelter in any type of soil, including snow and sand. Where other thin metal trowels tend to dig into your hand more than the ground, the Dig Dig Tool's™ ergonomic design, serrated edges, and rounded handle helps you cut through roots and tough ground comfortably. Additionally, its rounded top allows you to use a two-handed technique for even more dirt digging power and leverage. So stop carrying heavier, hurtful trowels or using inferior substitutes (tent stakes, trekking poles, your shoe's heel, etc.) and dig a hole like champ with the titanium Dig Dig Tool™. 


  • Dual use trowel and tent stake saves weight and increases versatility
  • Made from strong, lightweight titanium that's more durable than plastic or aluminum
  • Ergonomic design for digging ease and efficiency. Works like an actual shovel!
  • Serrated edges cut through the tough ground and roots that other trowels can't
  • U-shape holds well in all soil types, snow, and sand or use as a deadman anchor
  • Comfortable rolled handle won't ""dig"" into your hands


  • Weight: 1.25 ounces (36 g)
  • Length: 8.1 inches (20.5 cm)
  • Width: 1.7 inches (4.4 cm)


From Brian Vargo – For many years, customers have asked me to design a titanium trowel. I resisted the idea because when I design products I like to be inspired to create something new and improved, not just make something like all the others. Most trowels at the time were basically simple spade shovels that hurt my hands when using, and only had a single purpose. My first thought was that I should angle the sides to make using the trowel less painful. My second thought was that it would be nice if the trowel were able to cut through roots, which I often run into in the woods of Pennsylvania where I live, so I added serrations to the side. Lastly, when thinking if there were any other way to improve the design, I thought about the times when the ground is just too soft for a normal tent stake to hold, it would be great if the trowel could also convert to a tent stake. I’m a sailor/boater by hobby and decided to use a boat cleat design to attach a tent guy-line to the trowel. As far as the product name, there is a tool called a Hori Hori gardening knife. The name comes from Japan. The word “Hori” or “Horu” means to dig. It’s a funny name but I used it in naming the Dig Dig Tool.

I introduced the Dig Dig Tool at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2017. To my great surprise, GearInstitute.com named it the Best New Gear of the year. I never thought a simple trowel would win such an award but appreciated the recognition. Unfortunately, the popularity of the Dig Dig Tool led unscrupulous companies to copy my design and sell their own knock-off version. I didn’t patent the original design as I never thought a competitor would be so shitty as to copy a poop shovel!


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