EXOTI™ 50: The Ultimate Vargo Backpack for the Modern Adventurer

EXOTI™ 50_ The Ultimate Vargo Backpack for the Modern Adventurer

At Vargo Outdoors, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear innovation. Our mission is to provide adventurers with equipment that enhances their experience without compromising on quality, functionality, or design.

It's with great excitement that we introduce our latest creation: the EXOTI™ 50 external framed backpack.

Unveiling the EXOTI™ 50: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Unveiling the EXOTI™ 50 A Blend of Tradition and Innovation



• Ultralight titanium alloy external frame for excellent load transfer and carry
• Ergonomic lumbar support plate efficiently directs weight to your hips for increased comfort
• Full size 50-liter cinch top bag holds enough gear for multi-day trips
• Removable floating lid to help save ounces when they count
• Ventilated, adjustable shoulder harness reduces back sweat and fits torso lengths 16-22″ (40-55 cm)
• Load lifting compression strap system keeps loads high and tight to your back for more stable carry
• Two zippered hip belt pockets keep essentials close at hand
• Dual water bottle pockets
• Hydration bladder compatible
• Packs small and flat for travel


• Torso lengths: 16-22 inches (40-55 cm)
• Pack volume: 3,051 cubic inches (50 L)
• Pack length: 24.375 inches (61.9 cm)
• Pack width: 13.875 inches (35.2 cm)
• Weight: 2 lbs. 11 oz (1.21 kg)


Key Features of the EXOTI™ 50

Key Features of the EXOTI™ 50

The EXOTI™ 50 is a game-changer for backpackers who have long faced the dilemma of choosing between internal and external framed backpacks. By seamlessly blending the best features of both styles, the EXOTI™ 50 offers the stability and packability of an internal frame with the weight transfer and support of an external frame.

This unique combination results in a lightweight, streamlined backpack that doesn't force you to choose between comfort and functionality.

  • Lightweight Titanium Alloy External Frame: Unparalleled support for minimal weight.
  • Welded Titanium Lumbar Support Plate: Efficiently transfers weight down the frame directly to the lower back, instead of around the hips like standard packs, for a more comfortable, sag-free carry.
  • Full-size 50-liter Cinch Top Bag: Easily fits a weekend’s worth of gear (or a week of ultralight thru-hiking) while the removable lid, hip belt pockets, and dual water bottle pockets keep essential gear and snacks easily accessible.
  • X-shaped Load-Lifting Compression Strap System: Keeps the load high and tight for an optimal and stable carry.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Harness: Fits torso sizes from 16-22”

To get the most out of your Vargo backpack, ensure that you adjust the shoulder harness to fit your torso size and distribute the weight evenly. Take advantage of the removable lid, hip belt pockets, and dual water bottle pockets to keep your essentials within easy reach.

With the EXOTI™ 50, we're proud to say that you can "never compromise again." Whether you're embarking on a weekend hike or a multi-day trek, this backpack is designed to meet the demands of any adventure, providing unparalleled support and versatility.

How the EXOTI™ 50 Fits into Your Adventure

The EXOTI™ 50 stands out as a groundbreaking backpack that offers the best of both internal and external framed designs. Its lightweight titanium alloy frame, efficient weight transfer, and ample storage capacity make it a top choice for adventurers who demand the best in comfort and functionality.

We invite you to experience the difference on your next journey and explore the rest of the Vargo product lineup for equally innovative and high-quality outdoor gear. Never compromise again—embrace the freedom and comfort of the EXOTI™ 50 on your next adventure!