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Got wood? If so, you'll never need to carry stove fuel again with the Hexagon Wood Stove. Uses easy-to-find, renewable fuel wherever your travels may take you. Basic fire skills are needed. Available in stainless steel and ultralight titanium.



  • Folds flat
  • Quick setup
  • Conical shape
  • Hinged fuel/damper door
  • Nylon carry case


  • Weight TITANIUM: 4.1 ounces (116 grams)
  • Weight Stainless Steel: 7.4 ounces (210 grams)
  • Size: 5"Diameter (base) x 3"Diameter (top) x 4"H (76 x 127x 101 mm)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Kenneth Jennings

I like it a gave it a little run roasting marshmallows with the kids and the efficiency from wood quantity to output is great in my opinion.


This thing is so cool! Its super lightweight and it can double as a wood stove if you run out of fuel or use with the triad stove. You always want good hearty products for the backcountry and two ways to cook your food or for a source of heat is genius!


I bought the Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove and used it. Easy to assemble and store, easy to use. Boiled water faster than I expected and used less fuel then I expected. You are able to influence the fire a bit by opening and closing the door. I enjoy watching the flame when the door is open. I am very happy with my purchase.


This little 'stove' has such a small pack size and extremely good burning behavior that I always have it with me. It is so light and space-saving packed that there are no excuses not to have it with you!


It’s super cool... it just doesn’t make sense. It’s more effective to use your poop trowel to dig a little fire pit if that’s what you need. I bought it specifically to build tiny stealth fires while packing with my kid.. it’s just too inconvenient. I can’t think of a place I would actually use it. We use the vargo alcohol stove for water then just dig a hole for a campfire.


Love it!


Great design. Light and strong. Folding design allows for great packability. Will use with Converter Alcohol Stove. Great combo.


So I bought this as an option to not carry fuel canisters. So I just followed the example of the video on Vargo’s website, and in under ten minutes had my water boiling. I ended up biking potatoes too. This little things works great, is very compact, and you can find fuel anywhere, even in wet conditions. So it was a great buy for me.


2 in 1: Reversing the folds makes a great little alcohol stove wind screen!


I've used wood, Esbit Fuel Cubes, and a sterno can all with awesome results.

Additional Info

Got wood? If so, you'll never need to carry stove fuel again with the Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove. Uses easy-to-find, renewable fuel wherever your travels may take you. Basic fire skills are needed. Available in stainless steel and ultralight titanium.

* The Hexagon wood stove is designed for cooking single entree meals. We recommend cooking pots no larger than 1.5 liters for use with the stove.


  • Slim, compact design that folds flat requiring little pack space
  • Completely hinged side panels easily snap together for quick setup
  • Conical shape focuses heat upward towards your pot for quick, efficient cooking
  • Hinged access door to add fuel and control air flow
  • Nylon carrying case to keep the stove and packs safe 


  • Titanium Version Weight: 4.1 oz. (116 grams)
  • Stainless Steel Version Weight: 7.4 oz. (210 grams)
  • Height: 4 inches (101 mm)
  • Base diameter: 5 inches (127 mm)
  • Top diameter: 3 inches (76 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.03 inches (0.76 mm)

WARNING - This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


From Brian Vargo - In 2009, a friend gave to a wood burning stove to try. I enjoyed using the stove, but assembly was very complicated and with multiple separate panels it took a lot of time. 

My idea was to use a hinged system as a solution to make setup easier.  Using a
hinge on a wood burning stove had not been done before and was a big risk.  I was concerned that the hinge would not be durable enough to withstand the heat. 
Fortunately, after testing my creation for some time, there were no
major issues with the system.  The Hexagon went on to become one of our top selling products.

While most backpackers will choose a liquid or gas stove, a wood burning stove can be a viable option.  The most important variable in considering a wood burning stove for backpacking is the user's ability to make a fire.  In certain situations, wood can be very difficult to light (when wet, for example) so knowing tips and techniques to make lighting your fire easier will definitely help make using this type of stove more enjoyable.  The upside is that wood can be found almost anywhere so there is no need to carry fuel. 

Our titanium Hexagon wood stove was designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible.  Easy to assemble and disassemble in just a few seconds. 


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